The mission of the seminary which, is to prepare clergymen, is realized throughout the entire course of seminary life. The agenda, which has become a norm and tradition for the seminarian, is designed to create the necessary conditions for learning and character-building in which the prospective priest is supposed to be trained and matured.

The seminarians begin their day early in the morning with light exercises, warm-ups, which aims to not only nurture their knowledge and spiritual experience but also their physical health. Then it is time for morning service, followed by breakfast. Classes begin with a group prayer and end during the most suitable time of the day. Classes are followed by lunch. Afternoon hours are planned for the seminarians to rest although, it is during these hours that the seminarians have choir practice, participate in various clubs, enrich their routine life with lectures, and organize meetings. Then the seminarians direct their steps towards the chapel for evening service. Evening hours are meant for dinner and independent study such as homework. This busy and fulfilling day ends with a group prayer where the students reflect on the past day’s challenges and achievements. After that, students have the opportunity again to rest and prepare to sleep.

Naturally this a regular agenda which only gives a superficial understanding of the internal life of the seminary. At first glance it may seem very boring, but in order to really assess and appreciate it one needs to view from the inside and be in communion with the seminary life which has a very important point and that point is having a united consciousness and a prayerful spirit which is at the core of everything the seminarians initiate and are responsible for doing. Of course, basis for those is true Christian love which, unites pupils from different regions and families and the members of faculty/staff into a one big family. Indeed the seminary becomes the home for all the students, which through the fatherly care of our Lord God and through maternal love educates and nurtures the great Christian family who are the devoted future servants of Jesus Christ’s Holy Church.

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